• Transformative coaching for those seeking or needing to modify their behavior
  • Transitive coaching for those who are seeking or needing to change their roles
  • Transactional coaching for those wanting to enhance their skills in various situations
  • Facilitative coaching for collections of individuals wanting to become groups, groups wanting to become teams and teams wanting to become ensembles
  • Facilitation for those wishing to get from point A to B to C  – to revitalize, strategize, optimize, philosophize, synthesize – where properly managing and leading the process measurably increases the probability of success
  • Educating and developing individuals in group settings in 3 hour seminars to 5 day workshops


Coaching Individuals   Four women who were ultimately selected to FORTUNE Magazine’s

“50 Most Powerful Women in Business” lists; seven individuals who went on to become CEOs

of their organizations; countless individuals who have successfully transformed into more

effective leader/managers and/or transitioned into positions of greater responsibility and scope.

Coaching Teams   
Numerous examples of collections of individuals who wanted to enhance

cohesion, collaboration, trust and their focus on collective results, evolving them into groups,

teams, and ultimately ensembles, each documented by pre- and post-measures of their journeys.

Assessing Individuals & Organizations   
Extensive use of commercially available tools – MBTI; DiSC & other style profiles; Lominger’s Leadership Architect Suite; Hogan Assessment Inventories; Clark Wilson Task Cycle Surveys; FIRO-B; CDP Conflict Surveys – as well as custom-designed surveys and assessments that uncover and discover strengths and challenges, provide the basis for work to be done and document the results that have been achieved.

Facilitating Group Process   
A variety of situations in which individuals wanted to: develop a strategic plan; define themselves; create a stronger sense of purpose; resolve conflicts; obtain clarity of roles and responsibilities; increase collective performance and fulfillment; better lead their organizations.

Developing Talent   
Thousands of evaluations that document the highest levels of participant satisfaction with the design, content, and delivery of awareness building seminars, skill building sessions and competency building workshops.

case histories pertaining to all of the above are available upon request