Similar in ways to the model for coaching individuals, Transdisciplinary Coaching™ for Teams treats the team as though it were an individual while respecting the similarities and differences that no doubt exist amongst the members.

Goals are established for the team, as well as for each individual, and progress is measured by the team as well as those who rely on the team and its individual members for guidance, direction and support.

Transdisciplinary Coaching™ for Teams

SEAM™ for Organizational Development


Transdisciplinary Coaching™ for Individuals

A unique, holistic approach, tailored to you and your organization’s needs, that provides business professionals with the advice, counsel and support necessary to correct, enhance and/or sustain performance and fulfillment.

Transdisciplinary Coaching™ focuses on goal achievement rather than hours, and it enables a client toward greater success by enhancing his/her self-awareness, awareness of others, awareness of the environment, sub-conscious competency and conscious mindfulness.

By blending the three most common coaching methodologies – transformative, transitive and transactional – Transdisciplinary Coaching™ guarantees to bring about necessary and desired behavior modification and development.

The Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) is based on a set of values and a belief system about managing the enterprise that is different from traditional organizational development premises.

While traditional approaches often focus on operational excellence, or employee engagement, SEAM factors both people and finances equally into the analysis and subsequent initiatives.

SEAM combines the diagnosis and correction of dysfunctions and the elimination/reduction of the associated hidden costs using six management tools, while simultaneously developing the human potential of all the employees through teaching and coaching, with the overarching goal of increased profits and the development of new organizational strengths.