​​​​​​​​​​​​​Michael launched Myriad Development in 1996, and having remained true to his mission -- helping people and organizations perform better --  he has gone on to serve more than 100 small, mid and large-cap organizations. 

In the twenty-plus years, he’s learned a great deal from the past –- the value of relationships; the benefits of a thorough discovery of what a client needs, wants and expects; the appropriateness of only advocating what he firmly believes will work; and the importance of supporting what’s been accomplished in every way imaginable -- and these lessons continue to inform his work with every client to ensure their goals and objectives are always met and often exceeded.

​​"Michael has been a business-critical resource within our organization since 2012.  He has partnered with us strategically to accomplish a complete transformation and globalization of our business.  He has enabled the professional development of our entire senior team and continues to support our journey with his expertise, insight and wealth of business savvy."  (Global CHRO, Reinsurance)

​​"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts, patience and excellent coaching of us as a team. A lot of the progress made, improving trust levels and increased productivity is a result of your work with the team and its individuals."  (CEO, Financial Services)

​​“We have used Michael several times to coach executives, develop leaders, build executive teams and resolve conflict. His expertise is so finely honed, and he works very well with everyone with whom he comes into contact.  Michael sets objective goals in his consultative coaching, training and development engagements, and he delivers what he promises.” (Managing Partner, Advertising)

"​Due to all of your coaching, that I think of weekly, I got a big promotion and am in a great new position!  I am exploring global markets and working on doing deals.  Lots of fun!  All the best to you and thanks so much for being so great!!!"   (VP, Business Development, Publishing)

"Thanks again for making the offsite a great success.  It was perfectly executed.  We all got a tremendous amount from the meeting."  (VP, Consumer Products)

 No Box Thinking   nothing deters the willingness to  be creative and the ability to  innovate

 Iterative Design   working hand-in-hand with  clients  to develop the best design possible

 Client-Centricity   firmly believing that the client is  always the first, second and third priority

 Flexibility   being fully prepared, yet consciously  avoiding preconceived notions

 Agility   staying on plan, yet willing and able to  change course without losing effectiveness





​  Transdisciplinary Coaching™  for enhancing individual  and team performance and engagement

 Individual and Organizational Assessments  to determine  strengths, deficiencies, challenges and opportunities

 Professional Facilitation  to produce collective efficiency,  effectiveness, consensus and action

 Competency Development  in Leading, Managing,  Engaging, Communicating, Presenting, and Developing

​ Connectivity  to a global network of coaches & facilitators  whenever the need for additional  resources arises